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POS Systems

Your guests expect that you provide them with perfect, fast, correct and consistent service. The key to success is fast and reliable hospitality automation.

We call it a Point Of Sale system, but it is so much more. An Index Cash Register by Aloha brings tranquility to your business. Both hardware and software in de cash registers have been specifically designed to meet the high demands of hospitality companies. They are ideal cash registers for use in a restaurant, pub, hotel or catering facility. You will experience that the cash register does not bother you in any way, enabling you to focus on the one thing that is truly important: your guests. They will have an extraordinary lunch- or dinner experience while you efficiently manage your company.


The advantages of an Index Point of Sale system


  • Reliable: the register always works;
  • Practicality: your staff will be trained in no-time;
  • The practicality allows more time to be spent looking after your guests;
  • The system will help you to raise your sales and loyalty;
  • The cash register has an efficient touchscreen with custom made images;
  • Reduces faults in payments by hooking up the cash register to your PIN-system;
  • Prevents malfunction and loss of data due to the built-in back-up;
  • Improves communication with the kitchen using voids, modifiers and ordermodes;
  • Saves time, since reports can be printed straight from the cash register itself;
  • Windows-based;
  • Modular and therefore easily expanded to keep up with your company’s growth.


Made to measure

Hospitality Software of an Index Point Of Sale system already contains a lot of options by default. However, the system can be made to measure as well. The Point Of Sale system is very flexible and can be adjusted to your specific type of tenure. We like to deliver the WOW to your hospitality company!


Feel free to contact us, so that we can explore the possibilities made to measure your company.


Rather Lease a cash register?

Do you prefer to lease a Point Of Sale system? Then check out the possibilities of Index Lease.

Learning to work with the Index Cash Register is taught by us at your location or in our office. Thanks to the extremely practical interface, this is a piece of cake.

Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

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