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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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About us


Index Hospitality Systems in Oisterwijk(NL) has delivered high quality and reliable systems for Operations, Backoffice, Management and Marketing in the hospitality industry for over 20 years. Systems that are easy to use and that work at all times. The sole purpose is to improve the experiences of your guests. The Index Systems are suitable for any thinkable business in the industry. To demonstrate this, we would like to refer you to the testimonials on this website.

Index solely works with proven technology and is always on the lookout for the latest innovations. For us, innovation is not a goal at itself. We aim for your business to run efficiently and problemfree. This way you and your staff are able to spend all time and attention to the one thing that truly matters, your guests.

All Index-consultants have a background and higher education in hospitality. Since this is a unique working field, the demands that you have for your systems are completely different from any shop or other company. Therefore at Index you will always talk to someone who is keen and able to think within the parameters and typical aspects of your company.


Index Hospitality Systems solely works with proven technology. Therefore most systems originate from America, a country where automation and hospitality have stood side by side for years.

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We are proud of our carefully selected partners. Together we try to make the unthinkable happen over and over again, with success!

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Index Lease

If you are considering switching to Index POS Systems, then you should have a look at the possibilities to lease through our Index Leaseplan. That is automation without investment.

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