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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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Putting great food on the table every day is not enough to guarantee repeat business. You will need great backoffice systems as well!



What would a 2% margin improvement or 2% decrease in costs yearly bring in for you? With Index Inventory costs will be transparent and manageable.

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Menu Engineering

Treating your guests well and serving them beautiful products are only two aspects of your passion for hospitality, however they consume most of your time. No wonder finance easily comes second. Yet still a decent financial base for the menu is essential to the success of your company.

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By standardizing you recipes in quantity and composition, you deliver a constant quality. At the same time it will help you to guard and improve your margins based on fluctuations in the cost prices of your ingredients.

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Thanks to planning HACCP- and Mise en Place tasks upfront real-time list of chores is displayed in the kitchen, complete with explanation and mandatory checks.

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Your staff and yourself daily put in a lot of effort to make the most out of your hospitality company. However, are these efforts profitable at the end of the month or will they turn out to have been in vain? Index Reports offers you both broad and deep insight in your data, anytime, anywhere.

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Your staff is the heart of your company. Human Resource Management turns out to be a labor-intensive process for many entrepreneurs. Index Staff will take this work off your hands for you.

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Whether it’s staffing or rooms division management for your banqueting facility, the planning process is time-consuming and often results in discussion. Index Schedules ends all that.

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Fraud Prevention

Whether you have been operating in the business for many years or only just recently, we all know that fraud is as old as hospitality itself. Our “Restaurant Guard” will help you prevent theft.

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