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Backoffice HACCP

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Thanks to planning HACCP- and Mise en Place tasks upfront a real-time list of chores is displayed in the kitchen, complete with explanation and mandatory checks.

Specifically for half-finished products Index HACCP provides you with the possibility to automatically print HACCP stickers. Throwing out dates are printed with both the name of the product and the chef who prepared it. The screen will show you daily which product need to be thrown out.


Index HACCP offers you an easy accessible and powerful solution for one of the biggest challenges within any hospitality company; communication. Teams in the kitchen, waiters and management often each work in a vacuum, which leads to a lack of co-ordination. A touchscreen in your kitchen could be the perfect solution to prevent this.


The liable manager assigns periodical tasks to an employee, who will receive an alert when the moment needs to be executed subsequently. For example if an employee has taken temperatures for the fridges, he or she can enter them directly using the touchscreen. This way all your data is gathered and stored in one central place, ensuring HACCP standards to be lived up to at all times.


Do you want to structure your HACCP policy? Get in touch with us today and we will inform you about the possibilities.

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