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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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Index Lease

If you are considering switching to Index POS Systems, then you should have a look at the possibilities to lease through our Index Leaseplan. That is automation without investment.

With the Index Leaseplan we supply you with an option to lease your terminals and handhelds. So you can work with decent, innovative equipment, unaccompanied by the direct investment. All Index services and facilities are at your disposal, helpdesk and training included. Monthly fees for the Leaseplan are beneficial - also fiscally - for your Profit and Loss statement.

How does it work?
You sign a contract with Index for a predefined period. You pay a monthly set fee, based on lessing prices. When the leaseperiod ends you can, as contractually agreed upon, return the equipment, renew the lease or buy.

Who will be the owner?
Our Leaseplan involves operational lease. The leasecompany will in this case be, both economically and legally, own the equipment. You will be renting from the leasecompany. At the end of the duration of the contract, you can buy the terminal or handheld at a predetermined price and thus become owner.

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