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Marketing Loyalty

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Consumers these days are choosy. A lot can be gained by improving your customer relations. Marketing does not stop at the doorstep, after they leave you also want your guests to feel connected to your business.

Your guests expect a user-friendly loyalty card that serves them with comfort and rewards them at the same time. A loyalty program leads to more consistent and predictable income, whilst making your guests feel more valued. This ensures the repeat-business that no successful hospitality company can do without.

“Nearly 70% of our turnover comes from frequent customer cards.” Diederik Habbema, owner De Koffie Salon

Index Loyalty is fully integrated with the Index POS System and suitable for implementation in any size and type of company. We offer a vast amount of card types for any thinkable promotion. You can of course use your own design for your cards. Index Loyalty is sold as a one-stop solution. This means that we will arrange for both sales and payments of and with the cards through your Index POS System. Apart from that we will take care of all other configuration, reports and the physical production of your cards. Introducing Index Loyalty will cost you minimal effort and time.

If you, much like the entrepreneurs that preceded you, are enthusiastic about Index loyalty, you can easily link it to your website. Guests are able to log in, after which they are shown the built up balances, savings, and so on. In the mean time you are collecting valuable contact details, enabling you to significantly expand your mailing lists.

There is an endless number of possibilities. Do you want to engage your customers, raising their loyalty and thus your income? Contact us right away, we love to discuss the different implementation opportunities in your organization.

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