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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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Products Marketing

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Are the front- and backend of your organisation functioning well and your systems performing optimal? Then it is time to verify wether marketing could take your business to the next step. Appeal to a bigger public of improving the loyalty of your guests is often easily realized by putting in a (small) marketing effort.

It is no secret that you would like to get your products and services to the attention of your existing and potential guests as much as possible. The Index marketing soluitions lead to market expansion in various ways and can also raise your guests' loyalty.



Consumers these days are choosy. A lot can be gained by improving your customer relations. Marketing does not stop at the doorstep, after they leave you also want your guests to feel connected to your business.

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Customer Display

Seeing is buying. That is why specials and offers for your restaurant, café or hotel should be brought to the attention of your guests in a visible way.

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Reducing the number of staff on the floor by half?

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Online Ordering

On-line Ordering is one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant-business. In addition your guests tend to order more when they are doing so on-line!

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