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Marketing Online Ordering

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Online Ordering

On-line Ordering is one of the fastest growing segments of the restaurant-business. In addition your guests tend to order more when they are doing so on-line!

Index On-line Ordering offers your guests a safe and reliable environment in which they can place their orders. Naturally Index On-line Ordering is seamlessly linked to your website as well as your Index POS System.

Index Online Ordering provides your guests a simple, web-based way for placing takeout- or delivery orders from their offices or the comfort of their homes. So you are realizing more turnover without having to increase your staffing.

Would you like your guests to place their orders on-line? Then please do not hesitate to contact us, so we can tell you more about the possibilities.

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From Pizza to à la carte, these days over 60% of restaurant keepers provide the possibility to have meals delivered or taken out and that percentage will continue to grow.


Consumers these days are choosy. A lot can be gained by improving your customer relations. Marketing does not stop at the doorstep, after they leave you also want your guests to feel connected to your business.


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