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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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On the floor, in service, at the desk and in the kitchen. That is where it all happens. Operations are the heart of your hospitality company. You want your guests to have an extraordinary experience, whilst keeping the costs at a minimum.

Index Systems:

  • Are proven to be the best world-wide;
  • Seamlessly integrate with one another;
  • Can be tailored to fit and linked with other systems;
  • Are implemented by experienced hospitality specialists that think along at a practical level;
  • Contain proven technology; you are not a laboratory animal for a 'revolutionary new solution'

Click one of the areas of attention below for more information concerning the tangible offer. Of course you are always welcome at our office for a demonstration or a casual conversation with one of our consultants.

POS Systems


Your guests expect that you provide them with perfect, fast, correct and consistent service. The key to success is fast and reliable hospitality automation.

More information regarding our POS System »

Handhelds (TIM)

TIM: Time Is Money
The new generation hospitality handheld!

More information on TIM »

Table reservations by QSR Automations®


In the 21st century a reservations book is old-fashioned, not to mention inconvenient. Do you want to prevent vagueness, overbooking or the acceptance of groups bigger than you can handle from now on? Then Index Table reservations might be of assistance.

More information about QSR® Table reservations »

Table management by QSR Automations®


Your POS system provides you with important sales data. But what time exactly are your dishes cooking? How long are orders prepared and ready, awaiting to be taken to their tables?

More information about QSR® Table management »

Kitchen management by QSR Automations®


Stop having Kitchen Nightmares! For the kitchen is the heart of your company. The more efficient your brigade works, the more effective your entire company will function.

More information concerning QSR® Kitchen Management »

Takeout & Delivery


From Pizza to à la carte, these days over 60% of restaurant keepers provide the possibility to have meals delivered or taken out and that percentage will continue to grow.

More information regarding Takeout & Delivery »



Imagine your waiters being paged when their order is readily prepared in the kitchen. Imagine them being able to communicate table statuses themselves. With Index Pagers they can!

More information on Pagers »