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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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Operations Pagers

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Imagine your waiters being paged when their order is readily prepared in the kitchen. Imagine them being able to communicate table statuses themselves. With Index Pagers they can!

This way no more orders will be spoiled because they were not served. Your host or hostess will also know at all times which tables are dirty and when the next ‘four’ will be clean and available to place new guests.


Signaling free tables automatically

Have you got rows of guests in front of the door, awaiting the next free table? With Index Guestpagers they will be informed automatically when their table is ready. Have you got a vast terrace? Then place Index Waitercall buttons on each table. Using it, your guests can page their own waiter when they would like to be served. Unnecessarily agitated guests leaving, sometimes even without paying, are history thanks to Index Pagers.


Would you like to learn more about Index Pagers? Call or e-mail us for a casual appointment or a demonstration.

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