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Management POS Backup

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POS Backup

Tax authorities require you to retain your data in a well-preserved, secure manner. Losing parts of, or even your entire administration would probably be a nightmare to yourself as well. Therefore we introduce Index POS Backup.

It is something most of us would rather not think about; the possibility of your data being lost. All of your sales figures and complete configuration gone, for example caused by fire or a crashed hard disk. Unfortunately this cannot always be prevented. However Index POS Backup does enable you to recover your data in such an event and carry on working from the point where you left off, like nothing even happened!

The system will check for changed files regarding you Index POS System every five minutes. Any changed files are synchronized and saved on a protected remote server. Should any files need to be recovered, backups are easily put back in place. Additionally you will yearly receive all of your data on a DVD for your own administration. Your configuration and administration will be ensured for maximum redundancy, so you can focus on managing your business instead of its technology.


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