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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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All Index's innovative solutions divided in four logical areas of interest.

Index Systems:

  • Are proven to be the best world-wide;
  • Seamlessly integrate with one another;
  • Can be tailored to fit and linked with other systems;
  • Are implemented by experienced hospitality specialists that think along at a practical level;
  • Contain proven technology; you are not a laboratory animal for a 'revolutionary new solution'

Click one of the areas of attention below for more information concerning the tangible offer. Of course you are always welcome at our office for a demonstration or a casual conversation with one of our consultants.


On the floor, in service, ath the desk and in the kitchen. That is where it all happens. Operations are the heart of your hospitality company. You want your guests to have an extraordinary experience, whilst keeping the costs at a minimum.

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Not only the Front of house should be well organized, the backoffice needs to be attended to as well. We offer a broad selection of products that help you to efficiently set up your backoffice.

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Of course it would be wonderful if goods would not wear out, your staff would never break anything and new menus would establish themselves. Unfortunately reality is different. Nevertheless we can make the management of your systems a lot easier, making it all seem effortless.

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Are the front- and backend of your organisation functioning well and your systems performing optimal? Then it is time to verify wether marketing could take your business to the next step. Appeal to a bigger public of improving the loyalty of your guests is often easily realized by putting in a (small) marketing effort.

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