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Backoffice Schedules

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Whether it’s staffing or rooms division management for your banqueting facility, the planning process is time-consuming and often results in discussion. Index Schedules ends all that.

You enter a schedule based on fixed agreements and forecasted occupancy. For each period this basic schedule is used as a framework to design your weekly or monthly schedules. Any empty spots? Effortlessly send all your employees an e-mail or, text-message or both to ask them whether they are available and willing to work the shift. Of course, the system will select only those employees who are capable of working that particular shift. So a housekeeper will never receive a text message with the question to work a shift as a chef-cook or vice versa.

When creating schedules for staffing the Dutch hospitality (horeca) Collective Labor Agreement is fully implemented and you will be warned when the schedule does not comply with it. You will also be able to see whether company first aid providers are in-house at all times according to the schedule. From the moment you publish a schedule, your employees can view it on-line. Possible last-minute changes are automatically sent out in text messages to the concerned members of staff. So no more calling everyone on the entire list.

Combined with Index Staff you would have a very complete Human Resource system that also carries out remuneration for you, all fully automated of course. Would you like to know more? Please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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