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Tel: +31 (0)73 - 6579051

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Your staff is the heart of your company. Human Resource Management turns out to be a labor-intensive process for many entrepreneurs. Index Staff will take this work off your hands for you.

By automating your Human Resource Management you can easily save yourself or your management a great deal of time. Contract concepts are always ready and automatically filled with employee data to be signed. After they are automatically digitally filed both you and your employee can access it on-line. Automatic notifications for performance appraisals to be planned and another notification as soon as a digital copy of the corresponding report has been uploaded. This system will build up a dossier for each employee effortlessly.

Combined with Index Schedules you can also fully automate attendance management. No more missing working hour registration forms. No more lack of time to check the forms and to forward them to salary administration. Your employees will always be paid in time and you will have a clear overview of planned hours, worked hours, vacation leave balances and so on, all digitally lined up. Any requests for change can be digitally entered for your approval by your employees, accompanied with explanations. This way all is recorded and you can easily monitor anyone possibly ‘cheating’. After you have approved any period, just send it to salary administration with one mouse-click. After the batch has been processed, each employee will automatically have their pay slip displayed in their digital file.

Would you like to use Index Staff to ease the burden on your company’s management? Feel free to contact us directly, we are keen to help!

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