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Operations QSR® Table reservations

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QSR® Table reservations

In the 21st century a reservations book is old-fashioned, not to mention inconvenient. Do you want to prevent vagueness, overbooking or the acceptance of groups bigger than you can handle from now on? Then Index Table reservations might be of assistance.

All reservations are stored digitally and will therefore be available 24/7. Thus keeping you up to speed at all times of the occupancy, so you can provide each individual guest with the attention and service they deserve.


Gathering valuable information

Not only will this system keep a lot of frustration from getting to you, it will also collect valuable information concerning your guests. For example allergies, wine preferences and special diet needs. Index Table Reservations by QSR Automations® will inform you and thus enable your employees to interact with each guest on a personal level. Statements like “You like your steak to medium-rare, with the pepper sauce on the side, correct Mister Brown?” and “Can we seat your party at your favorite table besides the fireplace for your birthday Miss Claridge?” will make your guests feel welcome and at home.


Online reservations

Index Table Reservations by QSR Automations®  can be linked to your own website. Your guests make a reservation for their table online, after which the reservation is instantly added to your digital reservations book. Without any additional transactional costs you will realize an optimal occupancy and you satisfied guests will return to you again and again.


Would you like to know more about Index Table Reservations by QSR Automations® Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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