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Operations Takeout & Delivery

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Takeout & Delivery

From Pizza to à la carte, these days over 60% of restaurant keepers provide the possibility to have meals delivered or taken out and that percentage will continue to grow.

‘One Pizza Hawaï, ready!’ The delivery driver checks his system and sees the quickest route to Corn Alley 23 show up. He flawlessly drives to the address and delivers a steaming hot order. Of course he knew to go round the back for the bell, it was printed on this ticket. Upon return the payment is directly handled in the POS and off he goes to his next destination. In the meanwhile the system informs his colleague regarding the estimated time of arrival on an ongoing basis.


Faultless, fast delivery and happy customers

In a Takeout and delivery environment speed is of the utmost importance. Your employees can ring up the right customer in the system in no-time. This will make the client feel recognized and the ordering process is optimized. This ‘oiled machine’  will lead to faultless, fast deliveries and satisfied customers. Index Takeout & Delivery is integrated with the Index POS system. You can have your customers collect bonus points for each order if you want. With seamless registration, handling and a customer database that is always up-to-date you will get the most out of your business.


Get the most out of your business as well with Index Hospitality Systems’ Takeout & Delivery. Our consultants are eager to tell you more.

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